Why NTD?

NTD launched in january 2015. The aim of the business is to offer customers the latest, safest, greenest, most reliable, modern tracked dumpers available in the UK. The unrivalled quality of the equipment is matched with a desire to provide the very best in customer support. Attaining ISO 9001 within the first year of trading demonstrates NTD’s mission to excel in all areas of their customer experience.

NTD are also now accredited with ISO 14001 and 45001 which represent the business' desire to set the highest possible standards for a plant rental business.

Significant ongoing investment from day one has quickly established NTD with the youngest and broadest fleet of tracked dumpers available in the UK. The fleet is supported with the UK’s most substantial tracked dumper depot network and field service teams to ensure the highest possible levels of customer support is provided.

Putting our customers first. We regularly meet our customers to understand their requirements. We then pass on this feedback to our suppliers and the manufacturers of our equipment to help drive innovation, safety and environmental improvements in the equipment we offer.

Tracked dumpers minimise the damage to ground conditions, especially in soft or on steep terrain which allows many sites to carry on working when the use of wheeled machines may have halted works previously.

By understanding customers feedback, NTD have been instrumental in the reintroduction to the UK market of modern 360˚ slewing tracked dumpers. These machines offer further benefits to standard swivel skip or rigid tracked dumpers because the operator can always be driving forward and there is rarely a need to reverse. Because just the upper structure can rotate, NTD’s slewing tracked dumpers reduce the need to turn using the tracks at the end of each journey which saves both ground conditions and track wear.

NTD offer machines from 2.5 tonne payloads through to 13.2 tonne payloads with rigid, swivel skip or 360° slewing models available in various sizes.

Our Objectives

We offer our customers a class leading fleet of equipment that aims to

  1. Be more environmentally sensitive than its competitors – Offering the latest engines with the very lowest emissions and all machines being supplied with biodegradable hydraulic oil as standard.
  2. Have less impact on the environment and ground conditions than its competitors – by offering fully rotating or slew skip bodies across the fleet.
  3. Be more fuel efficient than its competitors – offering the very latest engines with the very best fuel economy (with fuel savings of up to 30% from conventional machines).
  4. Offer safer machines than other machines available - by exceeding both the manufacturers and current legislative conformity By – Isolating the hydraulics with a “dead mans” isolating device. By – Isolating the hydraulics with a lap belt that will not allow the machine to move without the operator having their seatbelt fastened – which can be seen externally by a green flashing beacon being illuminated By – fitting reversing cameras and side mirrors where appropriate By – Offering fully rotating and slewing machines across the fleet to prevent the need for reversing and turning.
  5. Offer the very best depot network and product support available – with 6 National depots and over 40 service engineers with a genuine ability to support customers throughout the UK.
  6. Continue to be involved “hands on” in new product development with the best manufacturers to ensure the product is designed with the most demanding UK conditions in mind. To also help lead innovation, safety and to push for further environmental improvements.
  7. Ensure all equipment is sourced through The Manufacturers UK dealers only so it genuinely complies with European legislative conformity
  8. Increase production through Manufacturer approved “low density boards” for lighter materials in conjunction with sealed tailgates to increasing carrying capacity and productivity.