NTD's History

The concept for NTD was formed when the owners of the business struggled to hire good quality tracked dumpers.

The founding companies are both plant rental companies and decided to combine resourses in a single product line for specialist tracked dumper hire.

This allows a specialist hire and maintenance team who have unrivalled knowledge in understanding customers requirements and the products on offer to ensure customers are provided the most suitable equipment.

NTD also offers unrivalled product support in the field with service engineers trained exclusively on the maintenance and repair of tracked dumpers.

The increase in demand for Tracked Dumpers

There are a number of reasons that have influenced the increase in popularity of Tracked Dumpers – Mainly that they minimise the damage to ground conditions when travelling, especially on soft terrain. All evidence suggests that our climate is going to continue to get wetter, it is then logical that machines that minimise damage to the ground are likely to be more sought after. Construction sites are also becoming much more environmentally aware and reducing the damage to the ground is becoming essential. Not only do these machines reduce damage to the ground but this consequently allows some jobs to happen that previously would have had to be done an alternative way or at a different time of year.

Tracked dumpers also offer greater safety over conventional wheeled machines as they are less likely to turn over and more stable on uneven ground. NTD focus' particularly, NTD will focus particularly with machines that offer a slewing facility for the upper structure / body , these again offer significant gains in safety by eliminating the need to turn and reverse and they further reduce the impact on the ground.